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​Resist the Control.

Australian duo, Hi-Life Wedding bring you an all live electronic set, armed with synths, vocals, and an MPC. Davos Broman (producer) and Kate Boehms create heavy beats and catchy melodies with a unique sound that is both modern and accessible. ​


“The goal of our music is to increase the consciousness, awareness, and love of our audience members. We believe music is the best way we have to express this.”

This is a statement from two people responding to the control and systems of power that surround us all each day.

Hi-Life Wedding has performed on four continents and always aspire to meet other artists, rebels, and those tuned in and switched on. HLW has recently independently produced and released a debut album in their home away from home, Taiwan.

Hi-Life Wedding’s ‘Self-Titled Album’ is available now.

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